Community Noticeboard

Energy Information Open Day at Brathens Eco-Business Park

Thursday 27th October 11am – 3pm

For local businesses and employees, and members of the public

  • Information and advice on energy efficiency, micro-renewables and transport from

  • Energy Saving Scotland advice centre North East
  • Banchory Energy Reduction Initiative (BERI)

  • Visit Brathens Eco-Business Park and find out about the biomass boiler and newly installed PV panels

  • Brathens tenant Corylus Architects will be available to speak about their sustainable design projects


From the Forestry Commission

Illegal Bikes and 4X4's

Unauthorised 4x4's, scrambler bikes and quad bikes are not allowed in the forests. With improving weather and nights lengthening, irresponsible use of these vehicles is once again becoming an issue in a number of forests.

If you notice any suspicious vehicles, please either get in touch with the police (Tel: 0845 6005700) or phone ourselves (Tel: 01466 794161) giving vehicle details, as these vehicles can affect the safety and enjoyment of other forest users.

Traffic Management

The latest traffic management report for Banchory can be found here. If you have any comments please contact your councillor, your local community council,  or Mark Skilling at Aberdeenshire Council (

Community Newsletter

Banchory and District Initiative has published a February 2011 edition of the Community Newsletter. You can read the newsletter here.

Please note that the Strawberry Fayre run by Save the Children in June starts at 2pm and not 1200 noon, as stated in the Newsletter.

Have you seen a Grey Squirrel?

The red squirrel project is wanting to know of any recent sightings of grey squirrels in the Banchory area. if you have seen any could you let the project know where you saw them as this will help guage how well the control measures are working.  Phone 01330 625520 or 07526430729. Alternatively email

BANCHORY ENERGY REDUCTION INITIATIVE provides Free Confidential advice to complement the HIS scheme:

  • Save on your heating and electricity bills
  • Understand your energy bills more easily
  • Update your heating controls and settings
  • Choose the best heating system
  • Insulate all types of lofts, walls and floors
  • Deal with condensation and dampness
  • Install suitable renewable energy systems
  • How to obtain loans and grants


We have trained energy advisors who can visit you at home.  To get in touch either:

B.E.R.I. is a community project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund until March 2011. We are working in partnership with the local Energy Saving Trust and the Home Insulation Scheme. More information is available at this website under the Community Projects/Beri.

Marquee available to community groups

A small marquee (10m x 4m) is available from Banchory and District Initiative for use by community groups at local events. For further information contact

Freegle - Don’t throw it away – give it away!
(formerly Freecycle)
You might not need your old sofa or wheelbarrow any more – but there might be someone just round the corner who does. Or if there’s something you’d like, someone nearby might have one that they might just throw away if they don’t know what else to do with it. The AberdeenshireWest FREEGLE! group is open to all who want to re-home that special wotsit rather than bin it. To find out more and start Freegling visit

Farmers Market Community Stall

There is a regular community stall at the Farmers Market (third Saturday of each month) which aims to provide local information on a wide variety of community initiatives and an opportunity for charities to raise funds. The stall is inviting shoppers to come and browse, as well as being available to local groups and individuals wishing to promote their activities or fund-raise.

In general the stall can accommodate two organisations each month.  The schedule of bookings is available on the Farmers Market page of this website.  For more information or to book a space at the stall  email Linda Clark at

Red Squirrel Feeding Area

Scolty Woodland Park Association is about to undertake a new project. We are planning to create a red squirrel feeding area near to the main forest track not far from the car park. It is intended we will have a path to the area with a viewing hide and information for the public. We also intend to have feeders fixed to the trees so the public can watch the red squirrels.

Anyone who would like to find out more about this or would like to help within Scolty Woodland Park please contact Elsa Brown Chair SWPA 01224 735210 or email

Interested in Garden Sharing?

What if your garden is not big enough for all the things you would like to do or what if it has got too big for you and you don’t have the time or energy to grow your own? The garden sharing scheme, under the auspices of the Banchory and District Initiative, has come up with the idea of helping these two groups come together, matching needs, skills and gardens and hopefully pairing people up who have similar expectations of what they want and live reasonably close to one another. If you would like to know more about such schemes, key ‘garden sharing’ into google.   If you want to register an interest contact Maggie Thurlow on .

Interested in what's happening in Strachan? A new monthly newsletter is being published - to find out more visit the Birse and Feughside Parish website and click on the Strachan button.

Walking to Health - Banchory

A series of short 20-30 minute walks is planned for the Banchory area, for people who have been advised to take gentle exercise for the benefit of their health.  If you are interested, please contact:

Mark Hagger, Project Leader
Tel: 01330 823418

Nordic Walking for Health and Fitness

Nordic Walking is a great way to get fit and healthy in the outdoors. It burns 20% more calories than normal walking, increases cardiovascular fitness and strengthens muscles. And its fun!  If you are interested in joining the Nordic Walking Group in Banchory email or phone 07884 276979.