Banchory in Bloom - The Bonnie Banchory Project


The 2011 Spring Clean event was badly affected by torrential rain, however a hardy group set out from Bellfield to clean up the riverbank while another group braved the elements setting out from the Hill of Banchory School, cleaning up the woodland walks towards Burn O Bennie and welcomed refreshments provided by Tesco. 

During the June summer planting new floral arrangements were added to the Town Hall and extra planters were placed along the High Street and at the West Church.  A new floral border was also created above the wall at the Bike Shop. Despite the rather poor weather the displays flurished and were kept watered by a team from The Scolty Centre.

The Big Bulb Plant took place on 30 October, a large group gathered at the Hill of Banchory Road junction with Raemoir Road to plant 6000 bulbs.  Once again Banchory Scouts took part and it was good to see more families.  Further planting took place near the Business Centre at Hill of Banchory also the Academy. We expect to be rewarded with a fine golden display this Spring.

October 2011 - Get digging with Bonnie Banchory's Spring planting Sunday 30th October

The third marathon Spring bulb planting session has been arranged by the Bonnie Banchory team for Sunday 30th October.

Last year there was an excellent turn out from the community and the organisers are hoping that this year will attract plenty of volunteers to ensure the town is in full bloom again come Spring time.

A Bonnie Banchory spokeswoman said, “Last year we planted more than 6000 daffodil bulbs around the town and they certainly made a difference. This year we have the same number to plant, courtesy of Aberdeenshire Council and the Raemoir Garden Centre. All are welcome to help out and, if you would like to pitch in and assist us, the meeting point is the Bellfield car park outside the surgery at 2pm.  If possible, bring a bucket for the bulbs, a spade to plant them and any other equipment you think you may need. Gloves proved essential last year. Children are particularly welcome.”

8th June 2011 - Several cheerful volunteers spent all morning planting up the containers to adorn the High Street for the summer months.

A spokesman said “All went to plan, apart from finding extra containers we hadn’t ordered. Thanks to everyone who helped and we hope they all recover from back ache soon. For future years we really could do with some extra helpers as we have extended the number of baskets and containers to place around the town.”

Thanks go to the Raemoir Garden Centre for all their support, to the National Trust at Crathes castle for allowing us to use their premises for ease of planting and to both Jim Thomson and Bruce McCombie who transported the baskets from Crathes and installed them in the High Street.

24th May 2011- Bonnie Banchory has been awarded a grant from the Marr Area Top Up Budget for £500 to purchase new and replacement containiners and tubs.

The Bonnie Banchory Project would like to thank the Aberdeenshire's Marr Area Committee for awarding this grant and supporting the project.

Following last year's very successful Spring Clean Day Bonnie Banchory held another litter pick on Sunday May 8th 2011.

The Bonnie Banchory team would like to thank the few volunteers who braved the weather last Sunday afternoon to take action against litter.  It was very disappointing that it was such a wet day after all the recent sunshine that had brought hundreds of visitors to Banchory.

Unfortunately, many people who use areas, such as Bellfield Park and the river bank, do not think to take their litter home [as was illustrated by a photograph in The Piper last week].  Litter is unsightly and it causes a damaging affect on the enjoyment of these areas by others and on our environment.

The litter pick on Sunday was a chance for local people to raise awareness that littering is unacceptable and to give the community a sense of civic pride.

The Banchory Police were hoping that the youngsters who use the riverbank by the golf course, in particular, would be inspired by the assembly two of their officers had given at the Academy, but none of them volunteered or came to help.  In fact, Cllr. Jill Webster joined three policemen and a representative of the Dee River Board to clean-up this area and a large number of  bin bags of rubbish was collected.

Cllr. Webster said: "We retrieved several bags of rubbish, mostly bottles and cans, from the river bank. There is an issue with our young people in Banchory, as there is everywhere else, drinking too much alcohol at too young an age and the riverbank is a popular spot where young people gather. However I do fear the consequences and there are several other initiatives looking at this locally. I had hoped to see some young people join us for the litter pick after the well received talk they had received from the Royal Deeside fishery representative."

Two families joined Bonnie Banchory at the Hill of Banchory Primary School and tidied areas around the school and some of the paths towards Tesco [collecting nine full sacks of litter] where they were treated to a very welcome cup of tea and cake by the staff.  [Unfortunately, it was too wet for the Co-operative to offer similar refreshments in the park itself, as had been planned.]

A few volunteers tackled Bellfield Park and the area towards Morrisons and one mentioned that she was shocked at the amount of broken glass that she picked-up in the park.  She thought that it was very dangerous as it was in areas where young children play.

Cllr Karen Clark, who is on the Bonnie Banchory Committee, joined in the litter pick at Bellfield Park and said: “I was pleased to see that a few hardy souls did turn out despite the weather. We have a lovely town and the council do very well keeping it tidy but I am still shocked to see the amount of litter that is generated. This year, members of the Committee tried to scour the Bellfield car park.  It took them two hours to gather three bags of cigarette butts between them and there are still many left both in the car park and in the park itself.

This is something that can be easily rectified if people weren't so thoughtless as to just toss their cigarettes on the ground. Hopefully, this kind of event will get the message across to think before you drop litter. The community is rightly proud of its town and working closely with the Bonnie Banchory team I know all about their hard work which makes our environment so pleasant. However, it is up to all of us to take pride in these efforts and keep the town looking good.”

Christina Brown, Bonnie Banchory co-ordinator said, “Litter is everybody's problem.  There is no way that Banchory would win a Silver Medal at the moment.  The streets are littered with cigarette butts.   We have all got a responsibility and I think if we all contribute to tackling the problem then litter can be reduced in our community.”

Banchory Wins Silver in the Beautiful Scotland Awards.

'"Congratulations to you and your team for winning a very well deserved silver medal for Banchory in the Beautiful Scotland awards. You have all done a fantastic job and worked really hard to make Banchory wonderfully bright, cheery and beautiful. It is particularly admirable that you did so well in the Community Participation category as it needs a considerable amount of drive and staying power to get so many different branches of the community involved.

Very well done-we all appreciate the huge efforts made by you and your team and I would be grateful if you could pass on both my congratulations and thanks to all."

Councillor Jill Webster

My warmest congratulations and thanks to the Bonnie Banchory group for their 1st entrance to the recent competition.  Let it be a "Gold" next time!

Councillor Linda Clark

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Background to the Bonnie Banchory Project

The Bonnie Banchory Project has been formed under the umbrella of BDI to enhance and extend the floral decorations in Banchory Town Centre and other focal points around the town. The Team believes that a more attractive town will bring many benefits and the project has received widespread support from a range of businesses, community groups and individuals.

Team members are: Karen Clark (Aberdeenshire Councillor); Norma Makin (Banchory Horticultural Society); Margaret Paterson (BDI); Jane Russell and Cecilia Rogers (Secretary of Banchory Horticultural Society).

Friends of Bonnie Banchory

If you would like to help, we would like to hear from you. We need green fingers for planting and maintenance, people with large capacity vehicles to transport planted baskets and tubs, greenhouses to bring on plants; sponsors for tubs and baskets; and donations towards the purchase of additional baskets, plants, bulbs, tubs and compost. If you can do any of these you will automatically qualify to become a Friend of Bonnie Banchory.  Please email or phone 01330 823856 if you would like to help.

Bonnie Banchory Logo by Imogen Mawby

Other Communities

Frieda Morrison with some of the Logo Competition Finalists Finalists in the Logo Competition Imogen Mawby, Winner of the Logo Competition with Norma Makin The Bonnie Banchory Stall at the March Farmers Market Banchory Beavers Cubs with the tubs they planted and presented to the Bellfield
Hill of Banchory Primary School Litter Walk Roy Cowie's Team Installing the Baskets (Norma Makin) Planting the Baskets June 4th 2009 Installing the New Tubs donated by Raemoir Garden Centre - June 12th 2009 Installing the Hanging Baskets (thanks to Bruce McCombie and Jim Thomson)
Part of the Academy's Millenium Garden - Replanted during Activities Week 2009 Kate Stevenson and Lorna March from Beautiful Scotland with the Scolty Centre Wa One of the beautiful granite planters donated by Raemoir Garden Centre Hanging Baskets in Scott Skinner Square Community bulb planting
Spring Clean 2010 in the Bellfield Park April 24th Banchory Spring Clean 2010 - 24th April Springtime 2010 - Daffodils planted by volunteers in November 2009 Presented by The Rotary Club of Banchory Ternan - April 2010 (Sue Edwards) Flowers on the High Street (Sue Edwards)
The Replanted Sensory Garden at the Glen of Dee Hospital (Sue Edwards) Floral Display in High Street - June 2010 (Norma Makin) 2010 Shopfront Winner - Taylors of Banchory Outside the Bellfield Public Toilets - New for 2010- Sept 2010 (Sue Edwards0 Clydesdale Bank Display - New for 2010 (Sue Edwards)
Presentation to the Scolty Watering Team October 2010 (Norma Makin) Autumn Bulb Planting 2010 (Norma Makin) Bonnie Banchory Team Members replant the Clydesdale Bank planters (Norma Makin) Springtime - Daffodils planted by volunteers in November 2010 2011 Banchory Spring Clean - Bellfield park
2011 Banchory Spring Clean - Cigarette Butts from Bellfield Carpark 2011 Banchory Spring Clean along the River Dee Spring Clean 2011 at the Hill of Banchory Spring Clean 2011 - the Hill of Banchory Team 1st Banchory Scout Troop planting tubs - June 2011
bulb planting October 2010 worth the effort - daffodil display spring 2011 bulb planting October 2011 bulb planting October 2011 bulb planting October 2011
bulb planting October 2011 bulb planting October 2011 bulb planting October 2011 Litterpick May 6th 2012 Litterpick May 6th 2012
Litterpick May 6th 2012

Friends of Bonnie Banchory

Donations & In-kind Help from Organisations

  • Aberdein Considine
  • Banchory Academy
  • Banchory and District Initiative
  • Banchory Beaver Cubs
  • Banchory Bike Shop
  • Banchory and Deeside Rangers
  • Banchory Common Good Fund
  • Banchory Community Council
  • Banchory Cubs and Scouts
  • Banchory Horticultural Society
  • Banchory Primary School
  • Banchory Ternan Rotary Club
  • Bancon
  • Burnett Arms Hotel
  • Charles Michie Chemist - Banchory
  • Clydesdale Bank, High St, Banchory
  • Cooperative Community Fund
  • Crathes Castle - National Trust
  • Derbar Restaurant
  • Easter Anguston Farm
  • Friends of Glen O'Dee Hospital
  • Girl Guiding Banchory
  • Hill of Banchory Primary School
  • Laidlaws Butchers
  • Bruce McCombie
  • Raeburn Christie Clark and Wallace
  • Raemoir Garden Centre
  • Roy Cowie Landscape Service
  • Royal Deeside Railway Society
  • Skene Enterprises
  • St Ternan Lodge of Freemasons No 443
  • Taylors of Banchory
  • The Stag
  • Alastair Thomson
  • Jim Thomson
  • Tesco

We would also like to acknowledge the help and support from Aberdeenshire Council and Councillors Karen Clark, Linda Clark and Jill Webster.

Individual Donations and in-kind help

  • Ann Addlesee
  • Beryl Andrew
  • Margaret Baker
  • Agnes Barrack
  • James Berne
  • John Berry
  • Mary Black
  • Margaret Booth
  • Bernadette Bouchet
  • Christina Brown
  • Tony Brown
  • Jane Bruce
  • Mary Bullough
  • Fiona Buchan
  • James Burnett
  • Helen Carberry
  • M.A Chadwick
  • Nicola Chambury
  • Nikki Campbell
  • Avril Clark
  • Linda and Graeme Clark
  • T Clark
  • Doug Considine
  • Isobel Cook
  • Clive Cornwall
  • Roy Cowie
  • Kate Cruickshank
  • Maggie Cunningham
  • Beryl Daley
  • Ivy Duncan
  • Ian Edwards
  • Chris Engel
  • Elizabeth Fairgrieve
  • Moira Ferguson
  • Bill Findlay
  • Lizzie and Ian Finlayson
  • Joan Fleming
  • Moira Forsythe
  • Angela Foy
  • Catherine Gedik
  • Fran Getliff
  • Nicky Glendinning
  • Joss Goddard
  • Clare Gordon
  • The Grahams
  • Clare Grycuk
  • Paulette Gould
  • L Hall
  • Etta Hayward
  • Jean Henretty
  • Paul Herrington
  • Miss Hunter
  • C James
  • Kersten Kelly
  • David Kirton
  • M Knight
  • Lorraine Lawton
  • Isobel Mackie
  • Andrew & Marion McIlraith
  • Dr Frank Mair
  • Norma Makin
  • Tony Makin
  • Paul Mason
  • Mr and Mrs Mawby
  • Norma Menzies
  • Anne and John Merritt
  • Bill Morrice
  • Julie Morrice
  • Gordon Mortley
  • Esther Mortley
  • James Mortley
  • Angela Muir
  • Barbara Muir
  • Jackie Murray
  • Mr and Mrs George Parkinson
  • Margaret Paterson
  • Mrs Shula Paterson
  • Eleanor Pate
  • Jill Pratt
  • J and C Reid
  • K and M Rowson
  • Cecilia Rogers
  • Sue Rochester
  • Kim and Kathleen Rooney
  • C Rowe
  • Jane and Ken Russell
  • Julie Sayer
  • Jonathan Shelbourne
  • Bill Smith
  • Rebecca Stripling
  • Marjory Tempercy
  • Jim Thomson
  • Tony Tulett
  • Anne Verney
  • Margaret Ward
  • Paul Webb
  • Dot Williamson
  • Sadie Wilson
  • Maggie Wilson

Participating Businesses Providing their own Floral Displays

  • Allan J. Milne
  • Banchory Toy Shop
  • Bentleys
  • Blooms
  • Burnett Arms Hotel
  • Burrells Pharmacy
  • Cairn Gourmet
  • Charles Michie Chemist
  • Continental Cream
  • Deeside Larder
  • Douglas Arms Hotel
  • Flower Vogue
  • Hair for Men
  • Hughes MacDonald & Davidson
  • Interior Design
  • It's Curtains for You
  • K&D Voice
  • Kalani
  • Mitchells
  • Orvis
  • Pauline Rumbles
  • Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace
  • Riah's & Deeside Photographics
  • Taylors of Banchory
  • The Barber Shop
  • The Bike Shop
  • The Burnett Arms
  • The Card & Gift Shop
  • The Chocolate Shop
  • The Co-op
  • The Creel
  • The Deeside Piper
  • The Derbar
  • The Pet Shop
  • The Shieling
  • The Stag
  • Visage
  • Yeadons of Banchory


9th June 2011 - 20 Scouts from the 1st Banchory (Thursday) Scout troop spent last Thursday evening helping to plant tubs around Banchory as part of the "Bonnie Banchory" initiative. This counts towards the Community Service element of the Scouts’ badge programme.

8th June 2011 - Several cheerful volunteers spent all morning planting up the containers to adorn the High Street for the summer months.

24th May 2011- Bonnie Banchory has been awarded a grant from the Marr Area Top Up Budget for £500 to purchase new and replacement containiners and tubs.

8th May Local volunteers helped with a Spring Clean litter pick was organised by the Bonnie Banchory Team.

February 9th: The Silver Award certificate presented to Bonnie Banchory (BB) by Keep Scotland Beautiful for their entry into the 2010 Scotland in Bloom Campaign was presented to Banchory Library. The certificate joins the Green Butterfly Award presented to the Banchory bags Campaign and the 2009 Neighbourhood Award won by Bonnie Banchory.

November 12th: Members of the Bonnie Banchory team replanted various tubs around town with a variety of bulbs and polyanthus which had been provided by Aberdeenshire Council.

November 1st: Over fifty adults and children, plus a dog, helped the Bonnie Banchory team to plant over 7000 daffodil bulbs on Sunday afternoon.  With the help of local volunteers, the Banchory Cubs and Beavers, and the Banchory Brownies and Rainbows, the grassy area at the junction of Inchmarlo Road and the Glassel Road was quickly planted with thousands of bulbs.    Hundreds more were planted in the grassy area between the Academy car park and Raemoir Road, and at the bottom of Corsee Road.

September 22nd 2010: Banchory was awarded a Silver Certificate from Keep Scotland Beautiful

August 19th 2010: Taylors of Banchory won the Inchmarlo award for the Best Shop Front competition. The competition was set-up this year by Inchmarlo Continuing Care and Retirement Community and their Director and Manager, Susie Smith, presented Dick Taylor with a certificate, which is now proudly displayed in the front window of the shop, together with a Gardening Voucher.

August 9th 2010: Assessors from Scotland in Bloom visited Banchory and were impressed by the efforts of local people, local businesses and community groups in the town to make the town look its best.

June 2010: About 50 P2 pupils from Hill of Banchory Primary presented six wooden planters filled with shrubs to the Deeside Railway Company yesterday to help brighten up its platform at Milton of Crathes, near Banchory. The children raised more than £250 to pay for the planters with a sponsored walk on the Deeside Way last month.

Rangers from Banchory Guiding replanted the Sensory Garden at the Glen O'Dee Hospital in Banchory.

June 11th 2010: The hanging baskets were put in place on the newly repainted lamp-posts around Banchory. Thanks go to the Council for repainting the lamp-posts and lowering the brackets for the baskets.

June 3rd 2010: A group of volunteers joined the Bonnie Banchory team at the Crathes Plant Centre to plant the hanging baskets with plants supplied by Aberdeenshire Council.

May 15th 2010: Thank you to everyone who supported the Bonnie Banchory Stall at the Farmers Market today.  Over £150 was raised for the purchase of more bulbs and flowers.

April 24th 2010: A spring clean by local volunteers left Banchory sparkling. In just an hour 80 volunteers had filled 60 bags of rubbish. The Scouts, Cubs, Beaver Cubs, Girl Guides, Local/Community Councillors, Rotary/Church members, and general members of the public and their children all helped to make it a Bonnie Day for Banchory.

November 26th: Three volunteers planted bulbs in the flower beds outside the Council Offices on the High Street in Banchory.

November 12th: Two intrepid volunteers planted the embankment at the bottom of Corsee Road with hundreds of crocuses.

November 3rd: Raemoir Garden Centre kindly replanted the tubs on the High Street with winter flowering plants.

November 2nd: This week pupils at the Academy will be clearing the annuals from the Millenium Garden and replanting with bulbs.

October 25th: About 20 volunteers braved the weather to help plant over 3,000 daffodil bulbs.  The tubs on Scott Skinner Square were also replanted.

October: A Certificate of Merit has been awarded to Banchory by Beautiful Scotland under their Neighbourhood Awards Scheme.

September : Hill of Banchory Primary School held a 'sponsor a bulb' event and raised over £800, the equivalent of 6000 daffodil bulbs.

August 18th: Two assessors from the Beautiful Scotland Campaign visited Banchory to see how the Bonnie Banchory Group were getting on with their project to make Banchory a more attractive town.

July 2nd: Frieda Morrison officially opened the Hill of Banchory Eco Garden at a Grand Opening Ceremony. All the children celebrated by wearing "Garden Party Hats. The children have built a plastic bottle greenhouse and a poly tunnel for the eco garden to enable them to grow many different types of fruits and vegetables.  The pupils have also been working hard to improve the aesthetics of the school grounds by planting up planters with lots of bright vibrant annuals, these are now growing wonderfully and flowering in abundance.  Two new planters were bought for the front entrance and these now offer a warm welcome to our school. Parents and visitors have commented on how much brighter the planting is and the school hopes to maintain this in future years by adding more perennial plants and bulbs to the scheme.

June 12th: The baskets and planters were installed in the Town Centre at 8am.  A huge thank you goes to the many people who made this possible: including the planting team of Dr. Frank Mair, Sheila Davis and 3rd Stage,  Barbara Muir and Joan Flemming; Crathes Plant Centre for the use of their facilities; Bruce McCombie for transporting the baskets to the High Street; and Jim Thompson for hanging the baskets.

June 4th: Plants from Aberdeenshire Council Landscaping Service arrive and are delivered to Crathes Castle Plant Centre where members of the community joined the Bonnie Banchory Team to help plant 29 self-watering hanging baskets to be placed in the town centre.

June 1st: A group of 8 enthusiastic students and two teachers from Banchory Academy have started to rejuvenate the School's Millenium Garden as part of Activities Week, with assistance from Woodend Barn's Third Stage Group and members of the Bonnie Banchory Team. Clearing out overgrown shrubs was a major task but made quite a difference.  New compost was purchased along with a variety of herbaceous plants.  Some annuals were gifted from the Bonnie Banchory group which gave instant colour.All who have seen the garden since the make-over was completed have admired and praised the work done. During the recent spell of warm weather the Art Classes were taking full advantage of the area by working outside amount the flowers.
The schools hope to incorporate an annual replanting of the garden during Activities Weeks in years to come.

May 30th: Members of the Bonnie Banchory Team were at the Horticultural Society Sale.  They raised £55.10p for the purchase of bulbs and signed-up 29 more 'friends'.  Several members of the public offered to help plant bulbs in the autumn.

May 18th: Banchory Primary Pupils have planted seeds in the classrooms and have planted 4 planters made from old tyres in the playground.

May 18th: Hill Banchory Primary Pupils have planted 8 large planters, which have been placed around the school, each of these has been dedicated to a class of children who will care for their planter and water it each day.

May 11th: Roy Cowie's Team start to install the wall brackets for baskets provided by town centre businesses.

May 7th: The hanging baskets were planted with lobelia and other plants donated by the Raemoir Garden Centre.  The planting took place at Crathes Castle Plant Centre where the baskets will be gronw-on in a polytunnel which has been made available to the project. The plan is to have the plants well established in the baskets ready for the addition of the Council supplied plants on 4th June and hanging of the baskets on June 12th .

May 1st: Hill of Banchory Primary pupils planted snowdrops and annuals in the school grounds.

April 22nd - 29th: The wall-baskets are distributed to local shops for planting.

April 28th: Hanging the baskets in the town centre has had to be rescheduled from the first to the second week in June due to availability of plants,

April 27th: Banchory Beaver Cubs have planted four pots with flowers to present to the residents of The Bellfield Nursing Home as their contribution to the Bonnie Banchory project.  The pots will be placed by the front door of the Home and should give months of pleasure to all who see them..

April 24th: North Banchory Company have planted verges at the Hill of Banchory with some trees which will look splendid in a few years and they have also landscaped the roundabouts.

April 9th: the Banchory Ternan Rotary Club expressed their wholehearted support for the Bonnie Banchory Projectand generously offered to provide a further planter to the six already offered by the Raemoir Garden Centre which will be placed in the High Street in June.  They also wished the Bonnie Banchory team well with the rest of the campaign..

Early April: Banchory Primary parents and children prepare the ground at the School's allotment at Woodend Barn

March 21st 2009: The Team was at the Farmers Market to promote the project. 48 new Friends donated £156 for bulbs to be planted this Autumn. The stall was decorated with pots of flowering plants from Raemoir Garden Centre.

March 19th 2009: Frieda Morrison of the BBC Potting Shed judged the finalists in the logo competition. The overall winner was Imogen Mawby of Primary 5 at the Hill of Banchory Primary School. The runners up were Eve Sealy P7 and Alicia Lumsden P4, both of Banchory Primary School and Daniel Mason and Chris Forbes, both of Primary 6 Hill of Banchory Primary School.  The winning designs will be featured on this website in the near future.

March 18th: Shortlisting of finalists from the Hill of Banchory and Banchory Primary School for the Bonnie Banchory logo.

February 15 2009: Raemoir Garden Centre generously donates 6 granite tubs to Bonnie Banchory.  Thank you Raemoir Garden Centre.

February 10 2009: Frieda Morrison of the BBC Potting Shed agrees to judge the Bonnie Banchory logo competion at the Hill of Banchory Primary School.

Early February 2009: The Team consults with Easter Anguston Farm and orders plants for wire hanging baskets.  The shops are revisited and orders taken for wall-baskets.   Bancon is contacted regarding roundabout planting.

January 2009: The Team held their first meeting to agree on the aims of Bonnie Banchory and the way forward.  Some of the team visited Forres in Bloom to get ideas of what can be done.   A survey of all local shops and businesses in the Town Centre was carried out. The local schools were contacted regarding a logo competition and the Scout and Cub groups were contacted to encourage participation

Other Communities