Making It Real

Making it Real - Banchory in the 21st Century

A public consultation on the future of Banchory organised jointly by Banchory and District Initiative (BDI) and Banchory Community Council (BCC)

“.................Public opinions and suggestions can influence the machine of Government, although it may appear a slow process. Aberdeenshire Council is actively seeking our views and Banchory has a much better chance of developing in the way that the community wishes if people speak out".  (Tony Brown - BDI)

"..................There are some people who think this consultation will not matter and future development in Banchory is a ‘done deal’.  But this is not true - the planners want to hear from residents. The Making it Real series of events has been organised to let people have their say and to feed in to the development of the Local Plan next year." (Jean Henretty - BDI)

".........“The Council cannot work in a vacuum and it is essential that we know the views of the local community so that we can examine with it how its objectives, needs and wishes might be realised". (Les Allan, Marr Area Manager, Aberdeenshire Council)"

Community Action Plan


The Banchory Community Action Plan was published in December 2009.  Click here to access the document.


The Making it Real Process

In the fourth quarter of 2008 BCC/BDI invited various groups in the town to a series of meetings to examine town issues and obtain views on Banchory’s future.  There were four focus group meetings for representatives from Banchory Businesses, Banchory's Churches, Banchory's School Parent Groups and local Environmental Groups.

These meetings were followed by a full day in the Town Hall on 21st November, where residents had the opportunity to comment on various aspects of the Town and on displays provided by BDI, Community Councils, Community Learning, Police, Fire Services, Volunteers Centre, Church of Scotland, Bancon, Tesco, Aberdeenshire Council and the Princes Foundation for the Built Environment. Some 500 people attended the meetings and 1500 comments were made on a wide range of issues affecting Banchory's future. The outputs from the focus group meetings and the Town Hall event have been documented and can be found here: Making it Real Output (Phase 1) (500kb - spreadsheet).  An analysis of the comments can be found here: Analysis of Comments (Phase 1).

The many comments on Banchory traffic issues and the proposed Park and Ride were forwarded to Aberdeenshire Council for review at an internal meeting on Monday 24 November.

The analysis of the community’s views was discussed in a Town Forum (an idea strongly supported by the community) chaired by the Community Council on March 18th 2009.   The outcome of the Town Forum deliberations was summarised in a paper: Public Consultation Outcomes Affecting the Banchory Development Plan , which was sent to Aberdeenshire Council on March 23rd for input into the development of the Local Plan.

Following the issue of the Major Issues Report a Town Forum meeting was held on 6 June and comments from attendees are available here: Town Forum Comments on Major Issues Report Using this information together with information from the Public Consultations Outcomes paper and  public comments from the Making it Real process a Commentary was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council ith a wish that it influenced the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan to be issued for comment by end-2009.

A Town Forum meeting was held on 16 September 2009 to set priorities for the actions that had resulted from the "Making it Real - Banchory in the 21st Century" public consultation. The actions, their priorities and action parties have been captured in the Banchory Community Action Plan that has been reviewed and agreed by Banchory Community Council (BCC) and Banchory & District Initiative (BDI).   The Plan will be jointly monitored by BCC and BDI and progress will be reported on this website.

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