Visit Banchory Tourism Project Scope

This is a Banchory and District Initiative Project with the aim of developing and promoting Banchory and District as a visitor destination through:

The project maintains the VisitBanchory website ensuring that

  • information is current and up to date;
  • the site is well presented and attractive to potential visitors;
  • visitor attractions are listed in the events calendar;
  • links from other sites are in place (eg wikipedia) to direct potential visitors to the site. is not only a source of information for visitors but also for the local Destination Management Organisation and Visit Scotland who draw on the information for their campaigns.
The project places a listing for Banchory in the Landmark Bedroom Folders.

The project produces a Winter Festival Guide which is available locally in hard copy on electronically on and The Guide promotes events in the period November to January each year.

Promotion of Banchory’s Heritage and Cultural History through BanchoryMuseum

Banchory Museum is the only Aberdeenshire Council Museums Service Museum in the whole of the Dee Valley and as such is well placed to become a centre of excellence for the traditional culture of the Dee Valley.  Musically Banchory is blessed with a large proportion of singers, musicians, composers, and dance exponents, more than many other settlements in the North East of Scotland. This aspect of North East culture is very much alive and vibrant in and around Banchory and is of interest internationally.

Maintaining Contact with Tourism Providers in Lower Deeside

The aim is to find out the views of local providers on what is needed to attract more visitors and increase return visits, both in terms of marketing and attractions on the ground. Views are fed back to the relevant organisations, or actioned by a local group (see Local Tourism Group below)   Providers include accommodation providers, restaurants and tea rooms, shops, attractions, galleries and arts venues.

Representing Lower Deeside on the Royal Deeside and Cairngorms Destination Management Board

BDI is a member of the DMO and attends DMO Board meetings. The aim is to contribute to ideas for promotions across Deeside, to support the DMO in their promotion of the area, and to ensure that Banchory is fairly represented in the promotion of attractions and facilities in Royal Deeside.

Exploring the Possibility of Forming a Local Tourism Group

The Royal Deeside and Cairngorms Destination Management Organisation is the ‘official’ tourism organisation for Royal Deeside and as such receives extensive funding from a variety of organisations including Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Enterprise and Visit Scotland. The Banchory and District Tourism Project is exploring the possibility of setting up a local group, (see Banchory Community Action Plan), but it appears that it is very unlikely that any funding will be available to support another tourism group in the area. It is possible that an informal local group could devise projects for enhancing the visitor experience in line with DMO strategy, and this could receive funding. The opportunity is being explored.

Improving the Provision of Visitor Information in Banchory
The project will make visitor information available in the Town Hall Foyer once the new noticeboards have been installed. This will at least provide some information through the winter when the Tourist Information Office is closed.
The project is investigating the possibility of re-locating the Tourist Information Office to a more visible site with car parking close by. Meantime the project will do what it can while the Visit Scotland office is closed over the winter months to promote Banchory and to provide visitors with local information.
Enhancing the Visitor Experience through Specific Projects (subject to funding)

Future projects may include heritage boards, sculpture walks, events, provision of more local information in multi media formats and  the provision of quality 'souvenirs' that visitors can take home to remind them of Banchory and hopefully interest their friends, neighbours and family in visiting lower and mid Deeside.

For more information on this project please contact Anne Lamb (