Background to the Formation of BDI

In 2001 and 2002, following recognition of the need for a more co-ordinated approach to developments in Banchory, Banchory Community Council carried out a Planning for Real (PFR) exercise. Four public meetings organised by Banchory Community Council attracted over 400 people who provided many comments and suggestions on how Banchory could be improved. These were prioritised and compiled into a wide ranging action plan, which became known as the Banchory Community Council Action Plan. The completion of this Action Plan was the final milestone in the PFR process. While some community groups have been able to achieve their objectives, it was clear that there was not an organisation with the required resources and skills available to implement the major projects and to provide the necessary range of support required by many volunteer groups to enable them to bring their projects to a successful conclusion.


The Community Council invited groups and businesses to form a Steering Group and make recommendations on how an organisation, which could be an umbrella for existing volunteer organisations and a vehicle for raising funds for community projects, could be set up.


The Steering Group reviewed the options for setting up a not-for-profit organisation and sought information and advice from existing community groups in the area. It recommended the formation of a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) because this legal structure was aligned with the activities which BDI proposed to undertake, namely apply for funds; manage large funds; enter into contracts, be publicly accountable, and be independent of individuals. The structure also provides personal liability protection for directors. The advantages of this status were considered to outweigh the administrative burden of compliance with statutory obligations relating to CLGs.


The Steering Group set out their ideas at two meetings. The first was held in April 2003 and attended by an invited audience of members of the community council, local councillors, Aberdeenshire Council officials, voluntary sector workers and members of the public who had expressed an interest in acting as a 'sounding board'. Those attending this meeting were very supportive of the Steering Group's recommendations. A further presentation was then given at a Public Meeting in late May 2003 in Banchory Town Hall attended by about 150 people. The proposals met with overwhelming support.


During the Planning for Real exercise Banchory Community Council invited neighbouring Community Councils to participate, but the response was disappointing. This contrasted with attendance at the Public Meeting from a significant number of people who live in neighbouring community council areas and who were clearly supportive of the Initiative.


Following the public meeting an Interim Board was established to implement the Steering Group’s proposals. 


BDI Limited was incorporated in June 2004.


BDI was granted charitable status in July 2010.





 BDI Registered Company Number:  SC268718  -  BDI Registered Charity Number: SC041630