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The Lonestrangerjane

Charles Scott

Chuck Scott is Charles Robertson a resident of Banchory since 1967. Brought up and schooled in Ayr, first became interested in pop music at Butlin's Camp whilst working summer jobs. After qualifying as a veterinary surgeon at GU, came to work in Banchory and stayed. Married to Christine with whom he had 3 children producing 6 grandchildren; Christine died in 2001 and now has partner, Bridget. Founder member of Banchory RT, elder in East Church, enjoys tennis, table tennis and golf. 

Why Chuck Scott? Favourite artist is Chuck Berry, is Scottish and name is more rock and roll than Charles Robertson! Show will reflect music tastes of Rock and Roll and 60s pop 

George MacRae

I am George MacRae and have been involved in Community Radio for nearly 25 years having broadcast with Kinnaird Radio at Fraserburgh and Lochbroom FM at Ullapool. The shows of which I have most experience (not in order of preference) are Scottish ceilidh (with a touch of Irish), light classical and easy listening, particularly the sounds/music of the forties,fifties and sixties. My main objective is to provide music to the listener which is both relaxing and where possible informative of our area and Scotland as a whole. Community Radio generally is an ideal forum to achieve that objective.


I know nothing about music, but having a great time setting up this station with a great team who know a lot about music. 


Hi Y'all, I will hopefully be presenting a weekly show of music featuring mainly Blues, Rockabilly, Doo Wop and Rock 'n' Roll through to Hard Rock itself, with minimal trivial talk and no talking over the music! This will be interspersed with the odd exception, to please the uninitiated. Each week will feature a 'guest artiste', who will have a three-in-a-row slot. I personally am a retired design/project engineer from the offshore industry, so I thought I may as well have a go at entertaining the local populace. 

Graham Ross
  Live in Aboyne. Presented evening show on Mearns Radio 2009 to 2010 until work commitments got in the way. No hard and fast music genre but continue to search for the perfect track, would tend to play music from the 50's through to the present day, if I think it is good enough I will play it - the show would not be about me it would be about the music. Fan of DJ's such as Bob Harris, Johnny Walker, Paul Gambaccini.

Should have went to Woodstock