Community News

Funding for Number One Community cafe

Number One in Banchory has been awarded a grant from the Robertson Trust to employ job coaches and co-workers that will support on work placements. Number One is a charitable social enterprise based in Scott Skinner Square. The facility comprises of learning spaces and a community cafe. Since opening last year the cafe has provided volunteer work experiences for over 30 people, many of whom had been unable to work because of long term illness and disability. Having seen many of the volunteers move on to paid employment the cafe team would like to support people who require extra support to work in the cafe. 
Project leader Jean Henretty said, “We have recognised that some volunteers need someone to be with them one to one while they learn so the cafe will employ people who can take a trainee through an eight week training programme. The trainee may learn skills to work the front of house or learn to cook and bake.”
The project requires an extra £5000 of match funding before it can commence, therefore the team will be seeking donations over the coming month. When all funding is in place the group will be recruiting staff and new trainees.
If anyone wishes to volunteer, no previous experience is required, they can contact directly by visiting the cafe which is open Monday to Thursday from 10am - 4pm or email
Photograph - Tuesday Volunteers - Maureen Keay, Anne-Marie Fagen, Shona Campbell