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Studio 1 is a social enterprise that supports local artists and makers by providing them with an affordable space to sell their produce. 

The gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4pm

If you would like to sell your work contact here for terms and conditions 


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Our present list of artists and makers  

Ivy Matilda
Bright Star Jewellery
Sooki Coo Candles
Heather's Wood Crafts
 Hugh Ferguson
Like many who find themselves striving to capture the spirit of nature, I came from many years just being out and about, experiencing it in the moment and not recording it. But eventually you pick up a camera and start to learn if you can take that fleeting emotion and sensory mix back with you. I had an artistic vision yet I found it frustrating that conventional landscape photography could be limiting in many situations.

I began looking at non photographic art more and more and was drawn to the emotive impressionism of contemporary abstract landscape painters. Artists such as Ellis O'Connor and Elaine Jones in particular. I have since been influenced by more abstract photographers such as Susan Derges, Valda Bailey, Doug Chinnery, Paul Kelly and Bruce Percy. Many use abstraction to simplify and capture a more intimate and targeted aspect of nature.

The desire to articulate the raw emotion of nature, through abstracted shape, colour tone and texture is still the joy and as long as that is the driver all methods are open; photography, in camera techniques, additional blending of shape, colour and texture through digital and application of paint and other mediums. There is no right and wrong, rules are guides not absolutes.

 Elsa Brown 
I work mainly in acrylics and mixed media, finding my inspiration from the land and natural environment around me. 

I love the colours and shapes of the Scottish landscape and the unusual light effects created in nature.

In particular I like to bring to life the light and textures of old farm ruins, crofts and other forgotten objects. The design and abstract qualities that can be gained from our natural surroundings inspire my painting.


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