Where: The Barn
Burn O' Bennie
AB31 5QA

When: Thu, Jul. 6, 2023 7:30pm — 8:30pm

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About this event:
We invite you to share a very special performance of Pibroch at the Barn on the 35th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster where 167 workers died in the North Sea. Widely regarded as the world's worst offshore oil disaster, those who were lost will never be forgotten. How does it feel to find oneself on a ‘burning platform’ with a pressing need for change but limited options? Created by Aberdeenshire - based writer and artist, John Bolland, Pibroch is a multimedia theatre production which explores parallels between the Climate Emergency and the Piper Alpha Disaster in 1988. This exciting new production uses words, live music and striking visual imagery to represent the personal and social experiences of Piper Alpha survivors and their relationship to the challenges each of us face in a warming world.