The Banchory Brand

Branding and Using the Banchory Logo

In 2014 a new branding concept was developed to reflect the town’s rich historical and cultural roots, as well as its vibrant, diverse, active and growing community.

The brand has been designed to help reinforce this strong identity and promote Banchory as it continues to grow.

For the branding to be most effective it is important to keep the usage of the logo clear and consistent. The following guidelines will help you do that.

Don’t chop it!

Please don’t attempt to re-create the logo, cut bits off, alter the placement or type.

Don’t squash it!

When scaling the logo, please take care not to stretch or squash it.

Don’t shrink it!

We know you might need the space, but please don’t make the logo too small.

Don’t crowd it out!

Use the framing guidelines to give the logo space to breathe. Please don’t let anything else fall within this space.

Don’t leave it in the shade!

There are black and white/ knockout versions of the logo. Please use the one that gives plenty of contrast in order for the logo to look its best.

VB logo

You can download jpeg versions of the logos.

Mono Logo download

Reversed Logo download

Brand Guidelines download (4.5mb pdf)


If you require a larger jpeg, vector file of the logo please contact


As part of the new branding, a colour palette has been put together to compliment and reinforce the brand when producing literature using the Banchory logo.
Colour breakdowns are listed in CMYK (for all full colour print) and in RGB (for all on-screen use)





50, 80, 0, 35 (CMYK)
100, 55, 115 (RGB)

10, 90, 0, 0 (CMYK)
220, 60, 150 (RGB)

20, 30, 0, 5 (CMYK)
190, 170, 200 (RGB)

 100, 75, 0, 35 (CMYK)
 0, 55, 120 (RGB)

 100, 40, 0, 0 (CMYK)
 0, 125, 200 (RGB)

 35, 15, 0, 5 (CMYK)
 125, 185, 220 (RGB)

 95, 0, 35, 35 (CMYK)
 0, 125, 130 (RGB)

 95, 0, 35, 0 (CMYK)
 0, 175, 180 (RGB)

 30, 0, 15, 5 (CMYK)
 155, 210, 210 (RGB)

 100, 0, 100, 35 (CMYK)
 0, 120, 60 (RGB)

 100, 0, 100, 0 (CMYK)
 0, 165, 80 (RGB)

 35, 0, 35, 0 (CMYK)
 160, 205, 175 (RGB)



As part of the branding project, DUFI created a font called Banchory Raleway Sans. This is a sans serif font and is available in Bold and Light forms. We recommend that it isn't used for large paragraphs of text, but sparingly so that it remains iconic and eyecatching. The actual logo and straplines should not be constructed in this way, they are all available as entire files above. To receive a copy of the font please email