Banchory Paths Association

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Banchory Paths Association

The Banchory Paths Association (BPA) is a voluntary association that has the following objectives: 

  1. To develop and maintain footpath networks in and around Banchory for the use of local people and visitors alike.
  2. To keep open existing routes and liaise with landowners in the development of new and existing footpaths.

BPA have been involved in a number of major projects over the years, including  repairs of the paths on Scolty Hill and the ongoing development of the Banchory Circular Path - download a pdf of the route here. They have recently taken on more projects in the Banchory area. 


Completed project (March 2016) - Captains Wood to Rosehill Lane. More information here. 

Completed project (Nov 2016) - Mount Street to Hillcroft Path. More information here

Completed project (June 2017) - Burnett Park Paths. More information here

Completed project (Nov 2017) - Corsee Road to Burnett Park Path. More information here

Completed project (Nov 2017) - Railway path above Burnett Park. More information here

Completed project (June 2018) - Burnett Park. More information here

Completed project (Dec 2018) - Path behind Glen O' Dee. More information here


Recent BPA work on the Banchory Path Network

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BPA volunteers have completed 300 hours of path maintenance work. More information here

Future Projects

BPA has well advanced plans to upgrade the path linking Pantoch to the Deeside Way. This should be completed in spring 2019. Fundraising is also under way to reconstruct and greatly improve two of the main paths in Corsee Woods. David Culshaw, the project officer is undertaking a cycle challenge in May to try to raise £5,000 for this project.

BPA would like to thank all its Sponsors: Tesco Bags of Help, The Cooperative, WH Smith, Marr Area Projects, The Caravan Club, Aberdeenshire Council, Rotary, Round Table and many members of the public, all of whom have made generous donations.
BPA would like to thank Local Estate Owners: Leys Estate, Forest Enterprise Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council. Without their cooperation, none of the above would have been possible. 

The email is:-  

Secretary: Dick Jennings 01330 822195

Treasurer: Elizabeth Culshaw 01330 823724