Banchory Mountain Bike Trail

Banchory Mountain Bike Group - Something for Everyone

The objective of this project is to construct a dedicated area for mountain bikers to develop ‘freeride’ skills in a suitable arena. In discussion with the local mountain bike representatives the finished trails must include the following:-
• Jumps - up to expert level.
• drop-offs
• ‘bermy’ funpark
• rock features, drop-offs, etc
• suitable for all mtb users
• be safe, sustainable and fun

This site allows for three distinct linear trails from easy to medium to really quite hard!!
The easiest trail would be suitable for novice mtb’ers, but ridden faster would still be fun for more advanced users, whilst the medium to hard trails would help develop the skills necessary to control a bike in the air - these two trails will definitely put a rider into the air!!
All three trails would be accessed from climbing up the vehicle track that borders the west side of the site and then the existing footpath - which would need widening and ‘beefing’ up to ensure long term  sustainability.

This footpath is ONLY for riding up and would be signposted as being for walkers too. Having three distinctly different trails has a number of
advantages to a combined trail with easier / harder options on it.
• riders make the decision to choose the trail they feel most comfortable with.
• separates riders of vastly different speeds.
• allows for riders to progress from easy to harder trails
• less confusing than one trail with different options.
• reduces the corridor width of each individual trail.

In addition should the area ever get busy - say in school holiday periods, it allows for riders to spread out more.
The need here is for trails for the higher end ability riders and as such will need the more demanding features to keep these riders happy and using the facility. Dumbing down the design to cross country style trails would not achieve the aims of the local user group. However, the proposed design will also appeal to as wide a cross section of mountain bikers as possible, from the expert to new younger riders.